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Fasting and silent prayer for peace: this is how the Korean Church celebrates the Day of Peace and Reconciliation that, since 1965, the community lives on the Sunday before June 25, the day when we remember the beginning of the Korean War. The event this year will have a special meaning because 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the division of Korea, while June 25 also marks the 65th anniversary of the war. More»
While the Nepalese population are trying to rebuild their lives devastated by the earthquake, traffickers take advantage of poverty to increase illegal trade. This is what four young Californians during their visit to Armi, district Gorkham discovered. With the promise of finding a job for adults, criminals offer $ 500 to "buy" a child, as reported in a statement released by the magazine "Christian Today". More»
"The Church in Poland today needs to continue on the missionary path, just like Holy Pope John Paul II, who with his 'Redemptoris Missio' gave renewed impetus to the whole Church. And his word and his enthusiasm are still valid today. The Missio 'ad Gentes' is still valid: more than five billion people are waiting for the Gospel. Courage, do not be hesitant!". More»
"In the young there is the seed of faith. People have trust in the Church and is attracted by the message of Christ. Today we have, in the two inter-diocesan seminaries, over 120 major seminarians and 250 minor seminarians. The young candidates who apply to be admitted are more than 500 a year. But we cannot accept them all due to lack of facilities. More»
Health care, as well as being a right of every man is also the cornerstone of sustainable development and global security. The NGO for development Anesvad recently launched the alarm about the fact that a third of African households become poor because of health costs.  More»
Results: 237 Article(s) Found.