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With today's liturgical feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (1873-1897), proclaimed Patroness of the Missions in 1927 with St. Francis Xavier, October month of the missions begins, which will culminate in the celebration of World Mission Day on the third Sunday of the month, October 19. More»
In fact, the young children are blamed for causing pain, disease and death. In addition, the popular tradition believes that these "evil" youngsters can transform themselves into animals and are stigmatized and rejected because they eat human flesh and drink blood. More»
More than 70,000 Congolese children were tortured, abandoned, killed, because accused of witchcraft. Only in the region of Kinsasha 30,000 street children were removed from their families for this reason.  More»
We should refrain from having “biased, one-sided positions” and overcome “the temptation of becoming closed people, part of a select few, and considering ourselves as the only receivers of God’s blessing.”  More»
20% of Liberian children under 2 years of age have lost their parents to the epidemic of Ebola which, since last March, has had a devastating impact in West Africa.  More»
Results: 171 Article(s) Found.