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2004 John Fuellenbach SVD
2004 John Fuellenbach SVD
On the 15th of February 2015, Father Johannes Füllenbach, SVD celebrated his 80th birthday in Sankt Augustin. He hails from the diocese of Trier and is known worldwide as an expert in Fundamental Theology and as such one of the most well-known Divine Word Missionaries.  More»
Heavy pollution of river water by household and industrial waste in the Indonesian province of West Java, in particular Ciliwung and Citarum, is threatening the health of at least five million people living on the riverbanks, say government officials and water experts. Poor sanitation and hygiene cause 50,000 deaths annually in Indonesia, with untreated sewage resulting in over six million tons of human waste.  More»
On the occasion of the recent Childhood Festival, Majda Suleiman, spokeswoman of the Sudanese Homeless Child Association, told the local press that the streets of Khartoum is home to about 700 thousand children. Most come from Darfur, South Kordofan and the Blue Nile. Their families have fled insecurity in these regions and have sought refuge in the Country's capital. Suleiman has accused the Sudanese authorities of neglecting children and urged to set up centers of protection for children. More»
A Lenten Season with special attention for sick and weaker members of society. This was requested by Archbishop Robert Ndlovu, of Harare, capital of Zimbabwe, in a Lenten Pastoral Letter, a copy of which was sent to Fides. “The situation of the sick in our country is well known, and their plight is personally felt by all of us” says Mgr. Ndlovu, recalling that for the Church “from the onset of missionary activity, health care was a special concern and an important aspect of our pastoral care.” More»
The programme of the 4th National Mission Congress to be held 12 to 14 June 2015, was the focus of a National Meeting of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) Poland, which took place 9 and 10 February chaired by Mgr .Tomasz Atlas, PMS National Director POM, at the Retreat Centre of the archdiocese of Lodz Porszewice. According to information sent to Fides, participants at the meeting included PMS diocesan directors and bishops’ mission delegates. More»
"For the first time in the history of the diocese of Maumere, Flores island, Indonesia, the World Day of the Sick was celebrated, on February 11, in the Cathedral, with a solemn Eucharistic Liturgy presided over by the Bishop, His Exc. Mgr. Kerubim Pareira, SVD". This is what Fr. Luigi Galvani, MI, says to Agenzia Fides.  More»
Two and a half million people in South Sudan are in urgent need of food, desire peace and are tired of living in fear. This is what Valerie Amos, UN Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs stated during a press conference in Juba.  More»
On February 6, 2015 the Holy Father appointed Rev. Fr. Józef Roszynski, S.V.D., Polish Missionary as Bishop of the Diocese of Wewak, Papua New Guinea. The newly-elected Bishop was born on August 18, 1962 in Nidzica, diocese of Warmia, Poland. After completing his studies at the major Seminary of the Society of the Divine Word in Pieniezno, he was ordained a priest for the same religious Congregation on April 30th 1989. More»
The detainees went on a "hunger strike" for a few days to protest against the government's plans. In the note sent to Fides, signed by Fr. Victor Roche, SVD Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference, the Bishops ask "not to force asylum seekers to return to their country if they are unsure" and "to provide them safe and human conditions" More»
To pray and reflect against human trafficking: this is the goal of the First International Day of prayer and awareness against human trafficking, scheduled on February 8, on the theme: "Shine a light against human trafficking". More»
It is important to support the secularism of the Indian nation and together build a nation in which the rights and freedoms of every person are respected: is what the Bishops write to the Indian government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and by his nationalist "Bharatiya Janata Party".  More»
"Land grabbing can lead to a break up in the country" warn the Bishops of Southern Sudan. According to Catholic Radio Network (CRN), at the end of the plenary meeting of the local Episcopal Conference, His Exc. Mgr. Paolino Lukudu Loro, Archbishop of Juba, said that "in their meeting the Bishops identified land grabbing as a potential risk of violence that the government should address critically before escalation". More»
"As a pilgrim - also on behalf of our Missionary Congregation - I beg of Mary her protection for the work of evangelization throughout the world: she who bore Jesus, the living Gospel, the Word of God, and who has accompanied the Church from the Day of Pentecost, being thus the Mother of countless children of the Church, especially in the Continent of Asia. More»
According to the Service for Social Management (Sedeges) of the Government of Cochabamba, in the city there are over a thousand boys, girls and adolescents living on the streets. The problem dates back to 1986 when, as a result of government policies, thousands of workers were left unemployed. More»
The printer of Father Arnold's monthly magazine served notice that his printing company could no longer print it. What to do? Look for another printer? Or should he do his own printing? He decided on the latter. He bought a small printing press and hired a master printer. At the blessing of the press, the members of the community and some town folk each took a turn at running off a page which that person kept as a souvenir.  More»
That visit, he said "was only a spiritual preparation for a second, even more significant event: the beatification of Peter ToRot, which was the culmination of the work of evangelization" accomplished thanks to the contribution of the French Marist missionaries, of PIME, Comboni and SVD. "Since then, religious congregations have made a significant contribution to the evangelization and the integral development of the people of Papua New Guinea and Melanesia,... More»
Today, January 15, the feast of Saint Arnold Janssen, founder of the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), the Bishop of the diocese of Oberá (Argentina), His Exc. Mgr. Damián Santiago Bitar, recalls in a note sent to Agenzia Fides, the indispensable presence of the spiritual children of the Saint, the Divine Word Missionaries, in Argentina. More»
Observing the Year of Consecrated Life convoked by Pope Francis, the members of the Society of the Divine Word serving in Papua New Guinea are gathered to study the Pope's 2013 apostolic exhortation on the proclamation of the Gospel in today's world. More than 60 Divine Word Missionaries from across the Melanesian nation are in Alexishafen, 10 miles north of Madang, Jan. 5-10, to share their experiences of missionary life and to study Evangelii Gaudium as a beacon for evangelization... More»
The onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013 claimed far more lives than originally estimated. At a Mass yesterday, Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite, a priest from Tacloban in the Philippines, told churchgoers that more than 15,000 people died, reported the Philippine Star today. More»
National Migration Week 2015 is taking place from January 4–10, organized by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’(USCCB), to raise awareness about the hardships faced by migrants. More»
The Holy Father's universal prayer intention for January 2015 is: “That those from diverse religious traditions and all people of good will may work together for peace”. More»
"I launch an emergency appeal for the people of the Southeast of my diocese, Alotau. Thousands of people are suffering from a severe shortage of food and are starving because of Ita cyclone, which hit the southern coast of the Southeast last April, and destroyed most of their crops": is the message by Mgr. Rolando C. Santos, C.M, Bishop of Alotau, deeply concerned about a portion of the People of God entrusted to him. More»
"Mary - Model of missionary zeal" was the theme of the meeting and prayer vigil promoted by the Pontifical Missionary Union of Poland, which took place on 6 and 7 December at the National Shrine of Jasna Góra.  More»
Survivors of Typhoon Yolanda are now helping those affected by Typhoon Hagupit (also called Ruby): So says a statement from Caritas of the Philippines sent to Agenzia Fides. From the Archdiocese of Palo, the most affected by Yolanda, rescue teams of volunteers are giving relief assistance to the newly displaced people in the city of Catbalogan, Samar Island. More»
In Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone at least 5 million children are kept away from school because of the presence of the Ebola virus. According to a study by World Business Group for Education (GBCE), about which Fides was informed, schools closed in order to prevent the spread of Ebola will affect at least a whole generation. More»
“May Advent, a time of preparation for Christmas, help you to open your hearts to the gift of the Holy Spirit, asking Him to deepen your faith, confirm your hope in God’s promises, and help you be more generous in your love for God and for neighbour especially the poor, the marginalised and the sick”:  More»
The Philippine Church invites "to celebrate 2015 as the Year of the poor". Christ, with his suffering "becomes oppressed, despised, helpless, miserable", note the Bishops in a message released on November 30 by His Exc. Mgr. Socrates B. Villegas, Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan and President of the Episcopal Conference, sent Agenzia Fides. More»
The Bishops of Mexico invite to pray and work for peace in the country. The statement of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, also sent to Agenzia Fides, entitled "Let us pray and work for peace", is being distributed while the country is experiencing a situation of serious tension and crisis. More»
It is certainly our opportunity to "Thank" the Sister-Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration. Better known by many as the "Pink Sisters". They are our co-missionaries in mission praying to support the Church’s efforts to proclaim the good news of salvation to all peoples and to unite all in love and in the one faith, and the ministry that Divine Word Missionaries and the Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters do throughout the world. More»
A publication on the Internet with over 700 pages, in English and Spanish, with a very clear index and a search engine to quickly find any word: is what the Episcopal Conference of the United States of America (USCCB) is offering on its website. More»
The Catholic community on the island of Yim Tin Tsai, in Hong Kong, is paying tribute to the great Divine Word missionary St. Joseph Freinademetz (1852-1908), who lived in these places during the period from 1879 to 1880 before travelling to the continent to begin his mission of evangelization in China. Each month, in fact, from August to December, the Divine Word (SVD) missionaries promote a pilgrimage to this island. More»
A year after the disaster caused by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), which hit the central Philippines in November 2013, religious organizations, environmental groups, human rights organizations have submitted a petition to the World Bank, requesting the reduction of the foreign debt of the Philippines and to turn that money in reconstruction aid. More»
Enthusiasm marked the celebration of Mass on All Saints day, November 1, and All Souls' Day, in the small community of Lai Gang. In fact, after years of absence of priests and lack of a place to gather for prayer and to administer the sacraments, the Catholic community, which belongs to the parish of Xin Tai, in the Diocese of Ji Nan in the Shan Dong province, in mainland China, was finally able to celebrate Mass in a chapel.  More»
As every year, in view of World Mission Day, this year celebrated on Sunday, October 19, Fides News Service offers some statistics chosen to give a panorama of the missionary Church all over the world. The tables are taken from the latest edition of the “Church’s Book of Statistics” published (updated to 31 December 2012) regarding members of the Church, church structures, healthcare, welfare and education.  More»
"Hunger is not caused by lack of food, but by the lack of justice": this is how the text sent to Fides Agency by local sources begins, which presents the campaign of Caritas in Honduras. "Caritas is the main witness of the harmful consequences of this lack of justice, of unequal access to food and nutrition.​ More»
The Amazon region and the provinces of Bolivar, Chimborazo, Cotopaxi and Esmeraldas is where the highest percentages of children and adolescents who live in conditions of poverty are concentrated, between 55 and 75%. More»
On the occasion of World Mission Day, the National Directorate of the Pontifical Mission Societies (PMS) in the Czech Republic, has launched the initiative to "build a missionary bridge of prayer".  More»
During mission month the Catholic Church invites all people to join in solidarity activities and help in the collection of donations on 19 October for World Mission Sunday. As reported in the statement sent to Fides by the Archdiocese of Sucre, for Mission Month various educational centers are preparing to carry out mission work in remote communities and social centers. More»
Caritas organisations around the world are taking part in a "Week of Action" from October 12 to 19, to end hunger by 2025. Highlights of the week include a video message from Pope Francis calling on Catholics to get behind the Caritas "One Human Family, Food for All" campaign. More»
"Family in Melanesia lives weaknesses and particular complexities", said the Bishop of Wabag, His Exc. Mgr. Arnold Orowae, in a meeting in Port Moresby, a few hours before his departure for Rome, where he will participate in the Synod proclaimed by Pope Francis on the family. As Fides learns, the Bishop spoke in company with John and Lucy Lavu a Catholic couple, engaged in the family pastoral of the local church. More»
His intention for evangelization is: “That World Mission Day may rekindle in every believer zeal for carrying the Gospel into all the world”. More»
With today's liturgical feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (1873-1897), proclaimed Patroness of the Missions in 1927 with St. Francis Xavier, October month of the missions begins, which will culminate in the celebration of World Mission Day on the third Sunday of the month, October 19. More»
In fact, the young children are blamed for causing pain, disease and death. In addition, the popular tradition believes that these "evil" youngsters can transform themselves into animals and are stigmatized and rejected because they eat human flesh and drink blood. More»
More than 70,000 Congolese children were tortured, abandoned, killed, because accused of witchcraft. Only in the region of Kinsasha 30,000 street children were removed from their families for this reason.  More»
We should refrain from having “biased, one-sided positions” and overcome “the temptation of becoming closed people, part of a select few, and considering ourselves as the only receivers of God’s blessing.”  More»
20% of Liberian children under 2 years of age have lost their parents to the epidemic of Ebola which, since last March, has had a devastating impact in West Africa.  More»
Pope Francis will visit the Philippines at the start of next year, and according to one youth leader, he will find there a tremendous outpouring of love from young Filipinos, who are actively embracing the Church and her ministry. More»
“We use our pulpits to explain to people how to avoid becoming infected with the disease. A special task force, headed by the diocesan Caritas office, has been formed to coordinate response to the crisis. Pamphlets and other material has been given to parishes for distribution to catechists and pastoral workers as part of a wider programme of awareness building and to spread information about the Ebola virus. More»
"Slaves no more, but brothers and sisters" will be the title of the Message for the 48th World Day of Peace, the second of the papacy of Pope Francis. Many people think that slavery is a thing of the past. In fact, this social plague remains all too real in today’s world. More»
The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India has issued a statement lamenting “sporadic events of violence against Christians in certain parts of India.”  More»
On Sunday, Cardinal Gracias, the archbishop of Bombay and president of the Federation of the Asian Bishops' Conference, told thousands of young pilgrims gathered at Mass in Haemi, Korea, that the next Asian Youth Day will be held in Indonesia in 2017. More»
Mgr. Christopher Bialasik, SVD, Bishop of the Diocese of Oruro (Bolivia), invited the community to celebrate the national holiday that falls tomorrow, August 6, in a spirit of unity and peace.  More»
A special "Day of Remembrance" to commemorate the victims of anti-Christian massacres that occurred in 2007 and 2008 will be celebrated in Orissa on 25 August. The day will see the organization of various initiatives, prayer vigils, public events, and aims to raise awareness about the lack of justice that still exists.  More»
On May 16, 2014 Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples, appointed Rev. Francis Pereira, SVD as Rector of the interdiocesan "Khristo Mohavidyaloyo Jyoti" Seminary in the Diocese of Sambalpur (India).  More»
Leer (Agenzia Fides) - Rates of malnutrition have skyrocketed in parts of Upper Nile, Unity and Jonglei States since conflict erupted in South Sudan in December (see Fides 10/07/2014). More»
The First Lady of Kenya, Ms. Margaret Kenyatta, praised the role of the Catholic Church in improving the lives of millions of people across the Country. "Our presence at this meeting indicates the affinity we have and will continue to build with the Church and other religious bodies", said the First Lady during a meeting she attended to raise funds in the parish of Blessed Joseph Allamano in Ruaka, a town 15 km from Nairobi.  More»
Indonesians went to the polls yesterday to elect a new president as concerns grow over rising religious intolerance in the world’s most populous Muslim state. Although the elections could strengthen the country’s young democracy, its tradition of religious pluralism and tolerance has come under increasing threat from sectarian groups in recent years. More»
Pope Francis has called on the faithful to imitate Christ’s meekness and humility, especially when helping the poor and the marginalized. To be meek and humble of heart, he told pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, “helps us not only to take the weight of the other, but also to not impose upon them our own personal views, our judgments and our criticism.” More»
In the rural county of Isiolo in central Kenya, more than 143 thousand people devoted mainly to agriculture live. More»
Vatican City, 24 June 2014 (VIS) – The secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, Fr. Miguel Ayuso Guixot MCCJ, and Fr. Markus Solo S.V.D., attache in the same dicastery for Islam in Asia and the Pacific, will be in Indonesia until 27 June in order to meet with various members of the episcopal Conference, as well as the Commission for Interreligious Dialogue and other Catholic institutions engaged in dialogue. More»
Since his election, Pope Francis makes the same request to every person he meets no matter where he goes: 'Pray for me'. More»
The situation remains tense in Orissa after the murder of a Christian, in broad daylight. After the arrest of the murderers, fanatic Hindus, radical Hindu groups have staged demonstrations and threaten a massacre of Christians, if the killers are not released. More»
“New civil, cultural and social approaches, and a new pastoral strategy for the Church” against “modern forms of persecution, oppression and slavery” are necessary to face the situation of gypsies throughout the world, said Pope Francis during this morning's audience with the participants in the meeting “The Church and gypsies: proclaiming the Gospel in the peripheries”, organised by the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant Peoples. More»
A website, founded by an Irish province, has been helping the faithful of different lifestyles in their daily prayer and reflection, and has grown into a source of support and comfort for faithful worldwide.​ More»
Following the victory of the Hindu nationalist "Bharatiya Janata Party" (BJP) the Catholic Archbishop of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar in the east Indian state of Odisha expressed cautious optimism. Archbishop John Barwa, speaking by telephone from London, told international charity Aid to the Church in Need: "The first utterances by the prime minister-designate Narendra Modi give me reason to feel optimistic. Perhaps our worries and doubts were unfounded after all. Let's wait and see.  More»
At the end of the general audience today, the Holy Father invited to pray for Catholics in China with these words: "May 24, is the day dedicated to the liturgical memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians, who is venerated at the Shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. More»
The children of Pontifical Holy Childhood in the Czech Republic have just published a collection of pictures and drawings in which their favorite missionary quotes are shown. The book, titled How children help Holy Father and children in the missions, contains 86 drawings made by young artists of all ages from 19 "Small Missionary Clubs", communities and families. The book was presented to the Holy Father by Fr. Slegr during the recent General Assembly of the Pontifical Mission Societies. More»
On 29 January 2014, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of People,​ More»
Fr. Telesphore Bilung, S.V.D., as auxiliary of the archdiocese of Ranchi (area 5,299, population 3,156,000, Catholics 140,503, priests 255, religious 1,266), India. More»
During the recent disasters that have occurred in the Philippines, the Camillian Task Force (CTF) have relied on the collaboration of the Missionary/Rural Associations of the Philippines (RMP), founded by the Association of major Superiors of the women's Congregations in the Philippines in 1969, in order to carry out its activities to support the affected population. More»
Prior to the recitation of the Angelus at the conclusion of the Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis addressed the faithful and gave special greetings. The Holy Father first greeted 250 delegates, consisting of bishops, priests, religious and laypeople, who participated in the meeting regarding World Youth Days that the Pontifical Council for the Laity had organized. More»
A 15-day pilgrimage to thank God for the arrival of the Good News in the central highlands of Papua New Guinea: this is how the Archdiocese of Mount Hagen recalled the arrival of the first missionaries of the Divine Word (SVD), which in 1934 arrived in the territories of central Papua, establishing the first missions in the area. More»
This is a time of meditation, devotions and deep introspection into the faith. In the Archdiocese of Jakarta, families offer small sums of money to fund community-wide projects. The head of the Archdiocese's communications commission releases some videos. During Chrism Mass, hundreds of priests renew their pledge to their bishops. More»
Christian leaders’ appeal: "Stop the violence, this is not the future for which the people of the Country voted" More»
Last year, on Holy Thursday, Pope Francis performed the rite of the washing of the feet in Rome at the Casal del Marmo juvenile prison. This year, the washing of the feet will be for the disabled and the elderly in the same area of Rome. More»
“Human trafficking is an open wound on the body of contemporary society, a scourge upon the body of Christ," he said. "It is a crime against humanity. The very fact of our being here to combine our efforts means that we want our strategies and areas of expertise to be accompanied and reinforced by the mercy of the Gospel, by closeness to the men and women who are victims of this crime.” More»
Cardinal Peter Turkson, who was on a mission to Sudan, read the Pope's message at Sunday Mass in Juba, Sudan. More»
He became poor, so that by his poverty you might become rich. More»
The Catholic bishops of India refer to the situation as "dehumanizing poverty." More»
Archbishop Douglas Young SVD expresses "absolute objection" to the scheduled execution of 13 prisoners in Papua New Guinea. More»
Pope   Kulueke
Pope Kulueke
Superior General Heinz Kulueke SVD met Pope Francis at a meeting of Superiors General in Rome. More»
Cardinal Sarah to visit January 26 - 31 More»
4 million persons displaced; progress slow. More»
Fides News Agency reports on the uptick in violence. More»
Catholic bishops call for a national response. More»
The superior of our mission in South Sudan, Fr. Francis Naduviledath SVD, ask for prayers for the young nation, its people, and our missionaries. More»
God, our Father, St. Arnold knew well by experience the pain of suffering and the cross which he called “the salt with which the eternal joys are seasoned.”  More»
A Divine Word priest, who was killed in a road accident in a Maharashtra village on Monday, will be buried in a seminary complex in Kerala on Thursday. More»
Rebuilding after typhoon will take a very long time.  More»
Today Francis met members of the Filipino community in Rome, joined by the Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Luis Tagle. “In these times of suffering we wonder why these things happen and we cannot find an explanation for them.” More»
Despite the widespread desperation around them caused by Typhoon Yolanda, residents of Tolosa, Leyte join a procession on Monday, November 18, 10 days after the super typhoon devastated the town and nearby areas. More»
In the typhoon-ravaged heart of the Philippines, many hospitals were badly damaged or destroyed by the storm. More»
"Divine Word is the only truly functioning hospital left in Tacloban." (ABS-CBN News, Philippines) More»
At the Divine Word Hospital in Tacloban, the doctors and other hospital staff are scrambling to save patients, despite having few medical supplies and no power for lights or refrigeration. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports. More»
Local government and Church officials in the Philippines have been working together to mitigate damage caused by Typhoon Yolanda, according to the country’s bishops’ conference. More»
Archbishop John Barwa of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar expressed gratitude to all those engaged in bringing help to the affected people. More»
New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Aymond and other local Catholics gathered Sunday to celebrate the opening of the Bishop Perry Center, a new outreach mission at Dauphine and Touro streets that will focus on reaching out to the transient population of the Marigny, Bywater and French Quarter neighborhoods.​ More»
The Vatican released these statistics for World Mission Sunday. More»
celebrate mission Layout 1
celebrate mission Layout 1
October 20, 2013 More»
Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop, citing attacks by police, calls the situation "dangerous and worrying."​ More»
Our missionaries in Zamboanga request prayers for peace. More»
pet blessing1
pet blessing1
In the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals, Divine Word Missionaries • Mission Center  More»
Fr. Valan SVD, who ministers to seafarers in Hong Kong, has developed a website for his diverse and far flung flock. Fr. Valan’s ministry was featured in the Fall 2011 issue of Divine Word Missionaries Magazine. You can view Fr. Valan’s website at: More»
Police presence in Odissa increased as 5-year anniversary of the massacre approaches.  More»
Data from the Catholic Directory of the Philippines showed that the Catholic population rose from 70 million in 2012 to 76 million in 2013. More»
The approximately two thousand religious present in Papua New Guinea, among orders and men and women congregations, "are called to be a prophetic voice, ready to denounce injustice": is the appeal launched in a note sent to Fides by the Bishop of Goroka,  More»
The small team of Divine Word Missionaries in South Sudan face many challenges.  More»
Fides News is reporting on the latest attacks by fundamentalist Hindus on Christians in Odisha. More»
Father Heinz Kulücke is a Divine Word Missionary. A year ago, his brother priests and lay Brothers elected him head of the Order. As the Superior General of six thousand Divine Word Missionaries, he is trying to apply his experience in the garbage dump in his new leadership role. ‘I don’t think obedience is the most important quality in a missionary,’ he says, ‘but rather the extent to which he is prepared to accept responsibility for people.’ More»
The Working Group Meeting between the Holy See and Vietnam met for the fourth time from 13 to 14 June, in the Vatican. More»
Fr. Richard Quadros SVD organized a training workshop on organic farming for fifty farmers in Mangoan, India. More»
The president of the bishops' conference speaks out against anti-Christian violence. More»
Locals expressed appreciation and gratitude to the seminarians of the Societas Verbi Divini (SVD), otherwise known as Society of the Divine Word, for being among the first to respond to a vehicular accident in Mayoyao, Ifugao on April 13. More»
Three persons were killed in the church bombing in Tanzania. More»
Listen to the musical selection of Fr. Marek Marciniak SVD's children's band in Kasane, Botswana.  More»
Archbishop Douglas Young SVD of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea is promoting a death penalty moratorium.​ More»
Violence continues in South Sudan, Divine Word Missionaries' newest mission. More»
Fides News reports on the plight of children in Bolivia. More»
Archbishop Blum is the new apostolic nuncio. More»
As many as 1,500 children die every day in India from preventable diseases. More»
To a question from a fellow student here at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, my answer was: “Yes, I’m very happy with the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the new pope of the Catholic church.” More»
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Divine Word Missionaries join the universal Church in welcoming and praying for Pope Francis,  a religious missionary who has demonstrated his love and commitment to the poor.    Over thirty Divine Word Missionaries serve in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, where Pope Francis served as archbishop. Buenos Aires is also the headquarters of the southern province of Divine Word Missionaries in Argentina.​ More»
Official sources estimate 47% of women have experienced abuse.  More»
At the meeting of cardinals, mention was made of the web-driven "Adopt a Cardinal" program. Participants are randomly assigned a cardinal to pray for. If you're interested, here's the website: More»
Papua New Guinea is the new frontier for the expansion of Islam in Oceania: as reported to Fides by the local Church, Islam arrived in Papua New Guinea about 35 years ago, when a mosque near Kimbe, West New Britain was open. More»
What do award-winning actor and film director Mel Gibson and Father Geo George of the Indore-based Society of the Divine Word have in common? One is known the world over, once had women swooning at the sight of him and was most recently praised for having handled a beaver puppet with elan. The other works among the poor and needy in Indore. Both, however, have made a film on the life of Jesus Christ.​ More»
The Holy Father has appointed Archbishop Michael Blume SVD as apostolic nuncio to Uganda. More»
Thousands of children are victims of chronic malnutrition. More»
Download a prayer for vocations. More»
Religious communities celebrate the Year of Faith by aiding the poor. More»
The Vatican will celebrate the the patron of animals with a livestock exhibit in St. Peter's Square.​ More»
Fides News reports on the plight of children in South Sudan, Divine Word's newest mission. More»
A new set of laws, which curtail religious activity, went into effect on January 1st in Vietnam. More»
Bishop Devprasad John Ganawa SVD has been appointed bishop of Udaipur, India. More»
Fides News reports hundreds of thousands of children work in miserable conditions. More»
The U.S. Bishops have created an online Advent calendar with daily Scripture readings and suggested activities.​ More»
Archbishop John Barwa SVD says the victims of violence "despite the difficulties, the hardships and poverty of present life, live their faith in joy,"  More»
Bolivia is one of the few countries where inmates can live in cells with their children. It is an irregular situation which, besides being dangerous for the integrity of children who are subjected to deficiencies in health care, education and food, it penalizes their normal development. More»
The international financial crisis has taken a toll on Mexico's poorest citizens. More»
Severe famine is affecting parts of the African country of Mozambique, including Maputo, where Divine Word Missionaries are serving. More»
R.I.P. Bishop Bowers on November 6 passed away in Accra, Ghana at the age of 102. He was the third oldest living bishop at the time of his passing. More»
The Vatican news source reports on malnutrition in sub-Saharan Africa. More»
Today we would especially like to entrust missionaries to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary – priests and laity, who sow the good seed of the Gospel in every part of the world. More»
Fides reports that 850 million people suffer from hunger. More»
Christians of all denominations in India have called for a fast to invoke "non-violence and the blessing of God on the nation." More»
Archbishop Hung Shan Chuan SVD, Archbishop of Tai Pe, Taiwan, will preside at the opening of the novena in honor of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. More»
John Shea has given us a simple yet brilliant guide for “Following Jesus” in his recent book by the same name. He suggests the “God-Self-Neighbor spiritual process” that Jesus himself lived by and tried to teach his original disciples and us who follow him today. More»
Fides News Service reports on the dismal conditions facing children in Colombia. More»
is “a sign of hope for the future of the universal Church,” Pope Benedict XVI More»
Fides News reports that 90% of street children in Paraguay are addicted to drugs. More»
Asia News is reporting that the Shanghai seminary will be closed until further notice. The action is seen as retaliation against the bishop who left the Patriotic Association. More»
Half of all children in Madagascar under the age of five suffer from chronic malnutrition. More»
Fr. Valan Arockiaswarmy SVD comments on ecumenism and interreligious dialogue in a Fides News Service story. More»
Chicago native, Father Robert Kisala SVD, was elected Vice Superior General of Divine Word Missionaries at the 17th General Chapter last week in Rome. He was interviewed by the Catholic New World by e-mail.​ More»
On Monday, July 9, Pope Benedict XVI will address the Divine Word Missionaries General Chapter delegates at Nemi, Italy. Nemi is located near the Pope's summer home, Castel Gondolfo. More»
Fr. Robert Kisala SVD was elected on the first ballot as vice-general superior of the Society of the Divine Word at Nemi, Italy. He will assist the new Superior General, Heinz Kulüke, in guiding the Society for the coming six years. After years of service in Japan, Bob was elected to the General Council in 2006. His experience and acquaintance with the many parts of the SVD world will be particularly helpful as a new General Council is formed.  More»
Divine Word Missionaries has elected Fr. Heinz Kulüke SVD as Superior General. More»
The 17th General Chapter of Divine Word Missionaries opened in Rome on June 17. The 114 capitulars from 57 provinces will chart the order's future and elect a new superior general. More»
The arrival of winter in the southern hemisphere brings suffering to Paraguay's street children. More»
Cardinal Maradiaga gave the keynote address at an international conference on world hunger. He noted that "Food is the only earthly need to which Scriptures constantly refer." Read the Cardinal's entire message here. More»
Four Catholic students were arrested for publishing a leaflet which calls for religious freedom in Vietnam.​ More»
The provincial of the Angola Province, Fr. Zeferino Martins SVD, has been appointed auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Luanda, Angola. More»
The bishops of Sudan and South Sudan have been forced to postpone their annual joint meeting because of continued troubles between the two nations. More»
Archbishop John Hung Shan Chuan SVD, the archbishop of Tai Pei, was re-elected president of the bishops' conference of Taiwan. The conference is making plans for the "Year of Faith." More»
Dangerous Disease Affecting Children in Vietnam. More»
The Associated Press reports on attacks on a Catholic Church in South Sudan. Divine Word Missionaries have accepted a new mission in South Sudan and the team will arrive soon. More»
Zenit reports on the April 16 commemoration of World Day Against Child Labor. More»
The World Health Organization reports devastating statistics on tuberculosis. More»
Catholic leaders address their concerns about agriculture and hunger to key U.S. Senators. More»
"Terrorist attacks on Christians in Africa, the Middle East and Asia increased 309 per cent between 2003 and 2010. Approximately 70 per cent of the world’s population lives in countries with high restrictions on religious beliefs and practices, and religious minorities pay the highest price". More»
Pope Benedict's general prayer intention for March is: More»
A deadly cyclone hit Madagascar on February 13. Fides reports on damage. More»
The Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples has appointed Father Godefroid Manunga SVD as National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Congo for the years 2011 to 2016.  More»
The Holy Father has published his message for Lent. More»
Divine Word Bishop Hilarius Moa Nurak of Pangkal-Pinang has urged Chinese Indonesians in the Bangka-Belitung province to free up some of their “busy time” and play a more active part in church life. More»
The ambassador presided over a ceremony held at Salon Zaragoza of the Casino Español de Cebu to confer Germany’s Federal Cross of Merit on Fr. Heinz Kulueke, SVD. Fr. Heinz is the superior for southern Philippines of the Society of the Divine Word conregation. He is a full-time professor of Philosophy at the University of San Carlos in Cebu. More»
View a video of Fr. Heinz's work with the poor in a garbage dump in Cebu. More»
The Indian Bishops' Conference estimates there are 15,000 Indian missionaries serving outside their country.​ More»
The report by CSF depicts a “gloomy picture” with persecution becoming more widespread. More»
View a short video on Divine Word Missionaries in Kenya and Tanzania  More»
View photos of the Christmas celebration from Fr. Anthony Duc Le's parish in Thailand. More»
Archbishop John Barwa SVD, head of the archdiocese of Bhubaneswar, reacts to the murder of Rabindra Parichha, a Catholic activist in the troubled State of Orissa. More»
That children and young people may be messengers of the Gospel and that they may be respected and preserved from all violence and exploitation. More»
The Holy Father will travel to Benin this coming weekend. Ten Divine Word Missionaries are assigned to Togo, including Archbishop Michael Blum SVD, the Apostolic Nuncio. More»
Christians in India are calling for "an effective legal action" to curb violence against them. More»
The season of Advent gives us a period of time to ponder the mystery of Emmanuel, God IS with us! More»
The Secretary General of the Propagation for the Faith, Fr. Barrett traces 85 years of Mission Sunday messages. More»
We frequently read about the “anti-conversion” laws of some countries where converts to Christianity are punished or discriminated against. This is not the case in Flores, Indonesia. More»
Despite legislation to improve the lives of persons with disabilities, life for the disabled in Ghana is still extremely difficult. Divine Word Brother Tarcisius Ruyter SVD has dedicated his life to helping persons with disabilities at the Orthopedic Training Center.,-SVD.aspx​ More»
Photos from the Mission Center Pet Blessing in honor of St. Francis. Thanks to all those who stopped by to have their pets blessed. More»
Divine Word Missionaries and Holy Spirit Sisters are sponsoring a youth missionary activity in Portugal.​ More»
St  Francis
St Francis
On October 4, 2011, the Mission Center (1835 Waukegan Rd., Northbrook, IL) will observe the feast of St. Francis of Assisi with a pet blessing.  More»
Fr. Daisuke Narui SVD, the director of Caritas Japan, has presented a report to the new prime minister of Japan on the needs of persons displaced by the earthquake and tsunami. More»
Archbishop Bernard Blasius Moras of Bangalore calls for implementation of the Indian Bishops' Conference recommendations. More»
On September 8, 1875 Father Janssen founded his missionary community by opening his first mission house in Steyl, Holland. Since its beginning, therefore, the Society of the Divine Word has considered September 8th as its birthday. More»
Father Francis Kamp SVD, the first director of Divine Word Mission Center, passed away on August 27, 2011. Fr. Kamp was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin and professed his first vows as a Divine Word Missionary in 1942. He was ordained to the priesthood at Techny in 1947. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord. More»
Archbishop John Barwa SVD of the Archdiocese of Cuttack-Bhubaneswar will commemorate the victims of anti-Christian massacres in 2008 with a special "Memorial Day" gathering. More»
Pope Benedict asked the youth at World Youth Day to share their lives with others. More»
WotP Front Cover8 10  L
WotP Front Cover8 10 L
War of the Pews: A Personal Account of St. Augustine Church in New Orleans is Fr. Jerome LeDoux's 424-page account of the controversial post-Katrina struggle to keep the historic church open . The book also chronicles the history and many contributions of the church. More»
The missionary prayer intention for Augusts is: "May Western Christians, compliant to the Holy Spirit, rediscover the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith". More»
Carmelita Linden, director of development for Divine Word Missionaries, stopped by the national office to pick up the first-place Archbishop Edward T. O'Meara award for Divine Word Missionary's magazine.  More»
The Holy Father will consecrate youth to the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the World Youth Day in Madrid this August.  More»
In a letter to Congressional leaders, Bishop Howard Hubbard asks legislators not to abandon help for the world's poorest people.  More»
Pope Benedict XVI, speaking to the Food and Agriculture Organization, expressed his concern for millions of under-nourished children. THE POPE HIGHLIGHTS THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY-RUN FARMS. More»
The Vatican has launched a website which will feature news from multiple Vatican news outlets. More»
According to Fides New Service, 50% of children in Madagascar experience growth problems because of malnutrition.​ More»
The celebration of "Child Day" in Africa gives everyone the opportunity to reflect on conditions affecting vulnerable children. More»
Caritas Australia has issued a report on world poverty which concludes "When women have the economic power, the entire community benefits". More»
Fr. Steven Bevan SVD, professor at Catholic Theological Union, will address the Major Superiors of Religious on the topic "Rethinking the Mission Today." More»
Archbishop John Barwa SVD says the Christian community has grown stronger, despite on-going persecutions in his diocese. More»
Divine Word deacons will be ordained to the priesthood at Techny on May 21st by Bishop Terry Steib SVD, Bishop of Memphis. More»
World Youth Day is set for August 16-21 in Madrid, Spain. Several Catholic organizations are asking Catholics to pray the rosary for success of the gathering. More»
The Divine Word Farms initiative pairs five Iowa farms, owned by Divine Word Missionaries, with five international ministries operated by the missionaries.  More»
Measles remains a serious health threat in Africa. More»
Read the Holy Father's message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations. More»
The Vatican has created a multimedia website honoring Blessed John Paul II. The site contains hundreds of photos, videos, prayers and a biography. More»
Christians and Buddhists in Japan came together to mourn the victims of the earthquake and tsunami on the 49th day after the event. More»
Fides News Service reports on the problem of child labor worldwide. In the Philippines, over 2 million children are being exploited. More»
A missionary in Japan discusses the religious impact of the tragic earthquake and tsunami. More»
Bishop Tetsuo HIraga says, “The aid will help us to rise again after this tragedy." The Bishop of Sendai: “Thank you” to the Pope and the Universal Church for assistance to displaced people. More»
Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico City spoke to teens about the sharp increase in teen suicides in Mexico. He urged them to draw closer to Christ to find meaning in their lives. More»
Archbishop Leo Cornelio SVD has written a letter to the prime minister of Madhya Pradesh about the recent beating of a priest in his archdiocese. Fides Service - ASIA/INDIA - Catholic priest beaten in Madhya Pradesh: the Church writes to the Prime Minister More»
Fr. Daisuke Narui SVD, the director of Caritas Japan, reports on clean up efforts in Sendai. Churches open to displaced, young Christians at work cleaning up houses after the tsunami. More»
The Vatican has also posted some videos on Pope John Paul II on Youtube. More»
If you would like to visit the Facebook page for the beatification More»
The bishops of Kenya, Africa report: "Kenya is facing a very difficult time as a result of the drought which has hit the country following failure of the 2010 short rains....The current drought situation in Kenya, the bishop’s explains, is characterized by food shortages, increasing food prices, lack of water, crop failure, migration and conflict, malnutrition, children dropping out of school, starvation and death. “ More»
Everyone keeps saying to each other “Ganbaro!” Which would mean in English “Keep your spirits up!,” says Fr Naisuke Darui SVD, secretary general of Caritas Japan. More»
Japanese Bishops, along with Caritas Japan, met on Wednesday to plan setting up an Emergency Center to arrange and coordinate humanitarian operations for victims of the earthquake and tsunami. More»
Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican representative at a United Nations conference in Geneva, spoke on behalf of the world’s poor and the right to food. More»
Bishop Isao Kikuchi SVD is president of Caritas Japan, the Catholic relief agency which is conducting the national donation campaign to provide aid to victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami.​ More»
The Holy Father asks for prayers for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. CNS STORY: Pope Benedict calls for prayer for victims of disaster in Japan More»
To read the Holy Father's homily for Ash Wednesday More»
Fides News Service is reporting continued violence against Christians in the Indian state of Orissa.   More»
The World Bank, citing rising food costs, reports millions of people in developing countries are being pushed into extreme poverty. More»
NIAMEY, Niger, JUNE 16, 2010 ( Caritas is calling for international aid to abate a food crisis in the Sahel region of West Africa, where 10 million people are facing hunger. More»
Fr. Sebastian Myladiyil SVD, a Divine Word Missionary assigned to Immaculate Conception in Liberty, Texas, has published His Instruments: If God Could Use them, He Can Use Us. More»
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