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Fr. Thomas L. Adaikalasamy SVD works in central India among some of the poorest tribes.  He is desperately trying to feed 500 primary school children.


These children come from families of farmers and laborers who are hardworking, yet find it impossible to provide schooling and medical care for their children.  They come from areas where illegal foresting has seriously affected animal life and stripped the land of its natural defenses during heavy rains. 

Life is not easy.  The older children look after the younger ones while parents travel great distances to find work.  In some cases, the children travel with the parents and become laborers themselves.  Fr. Thomas and other Divine Word Missionaries are trying to change this cycle of poverty.

In 1998, a primary school was started and an adjacent boarding residence was built.  Fr. Thomas wants the primary school and residence to be a safe haven for children, a place where they will be encouraged to learn and receive nutritious food. 

Today, 500 children live at the mission and go to classes,
but learning can be difficult if someone is hungry. 
Help Fr. Thomas feed these children and change their lives.


  A donation in any amounT
will help FR. THOMAS  
serve the CHILDREN of central, India

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