Letter From the Director

DSC01795October 2018

Dear Mission Friend,

This October is a special month for Divine Word Missionaries everywhere and I want you, as a friend to our mission, to share it with us. This month marks the 15th anniversary of the date (October 5, 2003, to be precise) that Pope John Paul II canonized our founder, Arnold Janssen, and our first missionary, Joseph Freinademetz.

Their images can be found in Divine Word institutions throughout the world. Scarcely a day goes when one of our Divine Word priests or Brothers doesn’t walk past a portrait or statue of St. Arnold or St. Joseph.

While you may be familiar with St. Arnold, I wonder how much you know about our St. Joseph. On March 2, 1879, Father Joseph Freinademetz departed for China to establish our first mission. He remained there for the rest of his life. He grew to love the Chinese people and became a great advocate for them.

St. Joseph spoke often of love and charity. Of love he said, “The language of love is the only foreign language all people understand.” Of charity he said, “Even if I cannot give much to another person, I take any opportunity to do something for him which makes him happy.”

The spirit and conviction of St. Joseph continue to inspire our confreres. His works will inspire us for as long as Divine Word Missionaries set forth to new countries to spread the love and compassion of Christ.

Yours in the Divine Word,


Bro. Daniel Holman SVD
Mission Center Director