Letter From the Director

DSC01795February 2018

Dear Mission Friend,

Warm greetings from the Mission Center during a chilly time of year! We thank you for visiting our website –it is only through the unceasing support of friends like you that Divine Word Missionaries are able to help people in unfortunate circumstances throughout the world.

With that in mind, allow me to update you on one of our projects in Africa. The Arnold Janssen Children’s Center, located in Luanda, Angola, recently celebrated its 24th anniversary. The center’s primary purpose is to take in children from ages 4 to 7 and reintegrate them into their families and society. The children are also taught skills to help them find work. The center provides shelter for an average of 100 children, boys and girls, each year.

Located on the Atlantic Coast, Luanda is both Angola’s capital city and its largest. More than 6 million people live in the metro area, and more than half of them—53 percent—live in poverty. The youth served by the Arnold Janssen Children’s Center come from this population, street children separated from their families. The center tries to locate the families and reunite them with their children. The center also has a program to help children whose relatives cannot be found.

The center, which has dormitories, an athletic field and library, belongs to the archdiocese of Luanda and is operated by Divine Word Missionaries. Its current director is Brother João Fortunato Facatino SVD. He is grateful that the unceasing generosity of people such as you helps to keep the center open to provide hope for children tossed aside by society.

You probably weren’t thinking of children in Luanda when you browsing the world wide web, but they are among the thousands of people around the world who have been touched by your goodwill. We hope you will continue to share our mission as we strive to bring God’s mercy to those yearning to receive it.

Divine Word Missionaries will keep you and your loved ones in their daily prayers. I ask that you remember us in your prayers as well.

Yours in Christ’s name,


Bro. Daniel Holman SVD
Mission Center Director