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Divine Word Missionaries blog will share some of the latest mission updates from around the world. The more than 6,000 Divine Word Missionaries are serving in 84 countries with a variety of provinces/regions that are then grouped into four zones, namely, the European zone (EUROPA), the Pan-American zone (PANAM), the Asia-Pacific zone (ASPAC), and the Africa-Madagascar zone (AFRAM). The zones may work as geographical sub-zones wherever this seems suitable. Check back often for real-time stories from the missions.



3 FAQs about Divine Word Missionaries

Dec 06, 2016


From left to right, Saint Arnold Janssen SVD, Saint Joseph Freinademetz SVD, and Brother Wendelin Meyer SVD.

1. Who exactly are the Divine Word Missionaries?

Divine Word Missionaries is one of the largest international missionary religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church with more than 6,000 members serving in 78 countries.

2. What do Divine Word Missionaries really do all day?

Divine Word Missionaries work primarily where the Gospel has not been preached or where the local Church cannot survive or grow without the help of missionaries. Divine Word Missionaries find themselves fulfilling the very diverse needs of the communities they serve: From operating universities, colleges, and seminaries to staffing hospitals, clinics, and communities. They also care for lepers and run schools and shelters for street children. These priests and brothers can be found in some of the poorest parishes of the largest cities and also in the most remote jungle areas where they come and go by boat!

3. Who makes up the more than 6,000 Divine Word Missionaries?

Divine Word Missionaries are an international missionary community of priests and brothers who come from many different cultures worldwide. Divine Word Missionaries was founded by German-born, Father Arnold Janssen SVD, across the border in Steyl, Holland in 1875. The first Divine Word Missionary, Joseph Freinademetz was sent to China in 1879. In 1895, Father Janssen sent Brother Wendelin Meyer SVD to the United States to seek financial support for the missions worldwide, through the sales of Divine Word Missionary publications.

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