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50 years SVD presence in Oies

Feb 09, 2017


50 years SVD presence in Oies

After reading one of our SVD internal publications, Arnoldus Nota, I was reminded that Divine Word Missionaries have been present in Oies, the birthplace of Saint Joseph Freinademetz, for 50 years. Oies is located in northern Italy close to the southern border of Austria. It was in 1967 that the Generalate in Rome decided to buy Father Joseph Freinademetz’s birthplace home because there was a tremendous outpouring of interest and devotion to the future saint. Father Jakob Reuter SVD and Father Franz Innerhofer SVD are credited with transforming the house into a place of prayer, meditation, and a center for pilgrimage.


In 1999, as part of a Formattors Course, I was fortunate enough to visit Steyl, Netherlands for several weeks, where our founder, Father Arnold Janssen began Divine Word Missionaries. After visiting the foundation houses in Steyl, our group continued south to conclude the course in Nemi, near Rome, Italy. We traveled through the beautiful mountainous countryside and stopped in Oies. Visiting the humble beginnings of this future saint was a very moving experience for me and my conferes. Visiting the gravesite of Fr. Freinademetz’s parents was particularly special. When we celebrated mass, we recalled the journey and life of Fr. Joseph Freinademetz. He began his Christian life in this place of Oies, became a diocesan priest, then a Divine Word Missionary priest in Steyl, and finally was sent as the first Divine Word Missionary to a foreign mission in China.  My conferes and I felt very blessed to embark on this pilgrimage together as Divine Word Missionaries. We were able to get in touch with the roots of Divine Word Missionaries as well as experience the living history. We remembered our founder and those first missionaries whose prayers and intercessions we often invoke while participating in our current ministries. 

Discover more about this pilgrimage site here: http://bit.ly/2kLXbCA