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CD project to raise money for Ledalero

Dec 12, 2016


Pictured: CD cover for Songs for Ledalero seeks financial support to distribute in the U.S.A and raise money for Divine Word Missionaries Ledalero Seminary, Flores, Indonesia.

Fr. Eman Weroh, SVD and American lay Missionary, Joan Grabowski have combined their musical talents in this latest CD project: Songs for Ledalero. Grabowski has organized a crowd-funding campaign to support the Ledalero Seminary in Flores, Indonesia with this CD. Fr. Eman and “Miss Joan,” as she is known at the seminary, are seeking financial support for the seven-song CD.  Five of the songs are in English, one in Indonesian and one in Latin. In fact, Fr. Eman composed three of the songs!

According to the local language, Ledalero, literally means “a place where the sun is leaning” (LEDA = leaning; LERO = sun).  One of the largest Catholic Seminaries in the world, St. Paul Major Seminary in Ledalero, Flores, Indonesia, has almost 300 Divine Word Missionary seminarians preparing for the priesthood where Grabowski is now a full-time volunteer.

Read more about Joan Grabowski’s volunteer work at Ledalero Seminary and the CD fundraiser at the Indiegogo account here: http://bit.ly/2hqYZzk