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Chapel of the Word inspired architects religious experience

Jan 31, 2017


We refer to the Chapel of the Word here at Techny a lot in our letters and correspondence to you, our friends and benefactors, because this is where we place your prayers and special intentions.

The architects, David Woodhouse and Andy Tinucci, were recently featured in the February 2017 edition of Guideposts magazine. The article, “Building Faith: Two prominent church architects share what it takes to make a space sacred,” talks about the experience of designing the Chapel of the Word.

In 1996, Former Mission Director Father Thomas Krosnicki SVD, commissioned the architects to design this modern worship space. Architect David Woodhouse recalled the experience: “I was very moved by meeting Father Thomas Krosnicki, a leader of the Divine Word order, who worked most closely with us on the chapel’s design. We had long conversations about what it meant to be a Catholic, what kind of message the building should communicate to visitors.”

“Father Krosnicki was very intelligent, warm and charismatic. He said he wanted the chapel to embrace everyone who came in, not just Catholics. Which makes perfect sense, since he was part of a missionary order. It was one of the most religious experiences I’ve had, talking with him and designing that building, trying to create a space that fulfilled his generous vision.”

We welcome your prayer requests


Although not the original intention for the space between the interlocking wood beams, the architects recall that the people responded to the space by wedging prayer requests between the wall slats. Architects Woodhouse and Tinucci welcome this creative response to their designs.