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Divine Word Missionaries blog will share some of the latest mission updates from around the world. The more than 6,000 Divine Word Missionaries are serving in 84 countries with a variety of provinces/regions that are then grouped into four zones, namely, the European zone (EUROPA), the Pan-American zone (PANAM), the Asia-Pacific zone (ASPAC), and the Africa-Madagascar zone (AFRAM). The zones may work as geographical sub-zones wherever this seems suitable. Check back often for real-time stories from the missions.



Mary reflected upon during the month of May

May 04, 2017

Final1How appropriate that we equate and celebrate May as Mary’s month.  Many things secular and spiritually related remind us of our Blessed Mother Mary.  Secular being the celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, where we honor motherhood in our own families and society as a whole.  Spiritually, May 13 is the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima where the three peasant children first meet Our Lady in Portugal.  Towards the end of May scriptures have us recall Mary’s visit to Elizabeth where both women greet each other and share their joys of pregnancy and all that is yet to come.

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, we admire the beauty of the nature’s rebirth as it teems with new life.  We take this time to adorn the Marian altar with the freshly cut flowers that are springing forth from the earth as it reawakens.

I’d like to leave you with this prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for the Missions.

Mary, Mother of Mission

Virgin Mary of the Good News:

You received the Word and practiced it

and history was changed.

Virgin of the Mission and of the Way,

who brought salvation to Elizabeth’s house,

the light of the world to the hills of Bethlehem,

praise to you for being missionary,

for your obedience to the Word

for accompanying Jesus in silence.

Worthy of praise, because your mission brought

you to the cross

and to the gift of the Spirit at Pentecost,

where the Missionary Church was born.

Virgin Mary of Missions:

We also are missionaries.

May the whole Church

be renewed in the Spirit.

May we love our Father

and our brothers and sisters.

May we be poor and simple,

living presence of Jesus

and witnesses of Easter.

In every house we enter

may we communicate peace,

announce the Reign of God

and console the suffering.

May we form praying communities

that are fraternal and missionary.

May we proclaim our faith

with the joy of Easter

and shouts of hope to the world.

We join you in your silence,

your communion and service.

Journey with us on our way. Amen.