Empower a Woman and Empower Humanity

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International women’s day was celebrated with all pomp and show on March 8th, 2016 with the theme “Empower a woman and Empower Humanity” at Sankarakhole, (Odisha-India) organized by St. Joseph Seva Sadhan.  The Panchayath President (Local leader of Villages) who herself is a woman inaugurated the event at the presence of many dignitaries and guests and flagged off the rally.   India is said to be a country of paradoxes and it is true even in the case of women.  Indian flock consider women as goddesses but they are denied of every right....even the right to life.  The belief that women are inferior human beings in the eyes of God gives excuses to the brutal husband who beats his wife, the soldier who rapes a woman or parents to decide to abort a female embryo. March 8th witnessed a paradigm shift at the small town of Sankarakhole.  It was a clear indication that Women are making it clear that their march towards equality cannot be halted for any reason, so around 100 women from different parts of Sankarakhole gathered together at the Panchayath Hall to participate in the Women’s day celebration and to voice out their rights aloud.  These are women who have remained in the four walls of their home, denied of right to education, work, decision making and dignified life.  Their presence was an expression to the assertion to their rights. They stood united to fight against patriarchy. 

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Hundreds of them rallying together around the town loudly and boldly demanding for their rights to education, life and decent living condition were amazing to the eyes of bystanders. They shouted slogans and held high the placards challenging the society for justice and equality.   The men around stood still and spell bound without any words as they witnessed for the first time their wives, daughters and sisters who courageously taking out a rally to demand for their rights.  The determined and un-wavering women later gathered at Panchayath Hall for two hours of awareness program.  We had three speakers who spoke to the women on the importance of their rights, education and various government schemes to support the women and the girl children.  The meeting had a happy end as the chief gust of the day the Panchayath President distributed awards for the winners in various games and talent hunt.

Organized with the help of Sr. Remya   IMG_1905