Child and Youth Center “Home of Hope” in Lainya, South Sudan

Celebracja_mszy_sw._w_JerichoWe hope that the new center for the children and the youth “Home of Hope” will consolidate a community and will build unity from the youngest years of life. The oldest generation are wounded, because of traumatic experience of war. A limited trust cause also difficulties with overcome some barriers. However, 65% population of South Sudan are children and youth under 18 y.o. This is the future of a new country. Although, in our Lainya county we do not have yet any center or daycare where the children and youth could meet with one another.  In Lainya we have 6 primary schools and 2 kindergartens, but not a place that the students can meet after school.

In our town we do not have any place that children and youth can stay after school. In our parish we would like to build a house that will be open for all children and youth. This place will be very crucial, because the children they do not have place for learning and doing homework. The condition of place that they stay with many other children, with leaking grass roof and termites do not allow them to develop their own skills and talents. During a rainy season this building could be like “oasis” that the children and youth gather for different activities. Additionally will be place for meeting and playing. The youth can learn “team spirit” and the children can play with a spirit of joy and development. In a tough condition in South Sudan they do not have many occasions for rejoicing.

i_jest_tez_trawa_..._bedzie_i_dach!In time of difficulties and challenges we believe that this “Home of Hope” will bring smile to the children and later through them will come to the parents and the whole families (in our Holy Family parish). It seems, that building center in Lainya is a good location, because of the center of county and our parish. Additionally, we do not have military activity in this place and most of the people come from one tribe. However, to build the center open for all people should cause building a community welcoming everyone, where everybody will feel like at home.

Fr. Andrzej Dzida SVD