Nick Strawn

N.StrawnLife here as a chaplain keeps me busy enough.  And even though NO more riding my motorcycle, whenever I need to go to the post office, bank or mini-mart, a taxi is ready to take me.   You might ask what would I need to buy in the store.   My list includes coffee, sugar, jam, ketchup, and soap for bathing and washing clothes.   Yes, now I have an electric washing machine.  My breakfast normally is three slices of toasted bread.   As you can picture my life now has changes so much since my arrival here 52 years ago.

Speaking about changes I am now able to watch baseball and football games on my television.  On top of this I can get CNN and BBC all day long.   These programs are on my Indovision dish.   Any as you know on my cell phone I can call directly to my brothers and close relatives in America.   The cost for ten minutes comes to not more than 40 cents.   How is it possible?  Just unbelievable!  But don’t ask about the mail service.  It is even worse than I first arrived.   Now delivery will take two to three months.   But on the whole I cannot complain.   Well anyway this being the case, I had better get this letter in the mail this week, TWO months before Christmas.

Once again a very “JOYFUL CHRISTMAS” and a BLESSED NEW YEAR”.

Sincerely with Christmas Joy,

Father Nick Strawn SVD

Editors note:  This is an excerpt from Fr. Nick Strawn SVD a Divine Word Missionary’s recent Christmas letter who has been stationed in Indonesia for the last 52 years.