World Mission

The Society of Divine Word was founded by Saint Arnold Janssen, a determined German Catholic priest with a dream of bringing the Gospel to places in the world where it had never been preached. Today over 6,000 Divine Word Missionaries in 80 countries continue the work of Saint Arnold by bringing humanitarian services and the Word of God to those in need. 

At present, the provinces/regions of the Society are grouped into four zones, namely, the European zone (EUROPA), the Pan-American zone (PANAM), the Asia-Pacific zone (ASPAC), and the Africa-Madagascar zone (AFRAM). The zones may work as geographical sub-zones wherever this seems suitable.

The system of zones is an appropriate means for animating and coordinating the communion and mission of the provinces in the same geographical area, and of the zones among themselves. These objectives will be reached through a close relationship between the zones and provinces, the formulation of a common vision, and the search for a unified orientation and joint projects for our religious life and missionary service.

In a world that is divided by cultural, social and religious differences, Divine Word Missionaries are dedicated to encouraging people to open their hearts and share in God’s love. "One heart, many faces" was the theme of the canonization of Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz. It underlines that all people are included in God’s plan and their diversity is valued. 

Divine Word Missionaries are called by the local church
–from all corners of the globe–

to live among the people, listen to their needs
and help everyone hear the voice of God.
Through evangelization, formation, biblical pastoral ministry,
mission animation, communication
and works of justice and peace for the integrity of creation,
Divine Word Missionaries make this vision a reality.