Immediate Need


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We as Divine Word Missionaries are in need of financial assistance to preserve the many mission chapels that have been built and provide liturgical celebrations throughout the world.   Some of our older missions have chapels that are in desperate need of our help in repairing them so that they can continue to provide safe places of worship for the local people.

Time has taken its toll on these structures that are used by the small local congregation.  Just the normal wear and tear of the building over time can cause the need for upkeep/repairs.   The local villagers might use their chapel for bible sharing and regular religion classes for the children, in addition to their regular Sunday Masses.  Divine Word Missionaries only supports active renovation projects.  It does not give funds to service debt on projects where work has been completed. Therefore, the ideal point at which Divine Word Missionaries should be engaged to help with funding is when a parish community is still actively raising funds itself and the project is one year or less from starting.

Chapels like these have been a beacon of hope and provided a place to worship and glorify God for people in the various villages.  Historically, these chapels have been at the forefront of providing for those in need who hunger for the word of God and the sacraments.  We invite you to help us continue God’s work.  Divine Word Missionaries strive to share His Mission and message to those who have not heard it or to those who still hunger for more.

Your help is most appreciated so that these small villages can continue to have their Church, which are the center of their community and the center of their spiritual sustenance.

On their behalf, we thank you for helping us fulfill this most important request.


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