Ecuador Earthquake

Fr. Navil D' Silva Assessed the earthquake tragedy in Ecuador

After surveying and assessing the damage, the province of Ecuador proposes the following responses:

1)  Collect non-perishable food from other SVD Districts and bring them to Muisne. It is expected that those affected will stay in shelters for three to five months. The representatives of the parishes and institutions administered by the SVD are responsible to bring the collected goods.

2)  Create a fund on district levels and institutions to buy construction materials to rebuild destroyed houses.

3)  Help the children enroll in their schools and provide them materials for their schooling. On the Ecuadorian coast, classes start in May.

4)   Seek help and support from other provinces/regions and start a solidarity campaign for those affected by the earthquake.

5)   Find an appropriate way of involving the laicos verbitas in there construction of homes and the accompaniment of families and children.

The Fr. Navil the Provincial of Ecuador expresses his appreciation and gratitude first to our confreres working in the affected areas, Fathers Julio Anang and Jose Harut for their continued support for the people in their moments of pain and anguish. At one point in time our confreres had been sleeping in their car for fear of aftershocks.  Most impressive are the popular will and spontaneous gestures of generosity, brotherhood, solidarity and unity of the Ecuadorian people as they face this natural disaster.

Fr. Navil D’Silva SVD
Provincial Superior


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