Mission Chapel Program





Holy Trinity Mission Chapel in Tswaneng, Botswana


For decades, through the Mission Center of Divine Word Missionaries in Techny, Illinois, benefactors have been invited to assist local communities overseas in building small, permanent chapels.  These mission chapels are often in very remote areas and they serve as outstation or "satellite" chapels for the parish church at a mission¹s main station.

Our benefactors become partners with the people of a mission village who have built a chapel with their own hands.  The chapel is a dignified place of worship for them.  Our benefactor-partners are able to request a patron for the chapel.  A plaque is installed permanently in the chapel to serve as a testament to the benefactor¹s role in building the chapel.  Letters from grateful pastors overseas always assure us that our generous benefactors and their intentions are remembered in the daily prayers of the parishioners for years to come.

Your donation of $7,000 allows Divine Word Missionaries to award your grant gift to a mission faith community through the bishop and the local pastor.  The faith community is then able to repay the debts incurred for building a mission chapel.

You will be remembered in prayer by all who worship in this new community chapel.

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