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Thailand fundraiser
Mother of Perpetual Help Center

Over the years, with help from many friends, the Mother of Perpetual Help Center has grown to include Mother Teresa Children’s Home for HIV-positive and homeless children, Villa Marie Hospice to care for adults, and Ban Mae Marie (Mother Mary House) for teenagers with HIV/AIDS.

More information to come in the upcoming weeks...

Continued..  7/25/2014
Through a mobile outreach program, medicine is delivered to the sick and homebound. Families with babies and young children receive milk and food supplements. Support groups for men, women, and children affected with HIV/AIDS meet regularly in the six districts of the province.
Education about HIV/AIDS is top priority. Teams from the Mother of Perpetual Help Center go out to students in schools to lead education and awareness programs for HIV prevention.

Continued...  7/28/2014

Divine Word Missionary founder, Saint Arnold Janssen, encouraged missionaries to develop farms as a means of sustainable funding. Inspired by  St. Arnold, Bro. Damien acquired a tract of land outside the city limits of Nong Bua Lamphu.

Existing buildings were renovated to accommodate adults from Villa Marie Hospice now well enough to live independently. Coconut, lemon, banana trees and vegetable gardens grow, fish ponds were dug out, and the adult residents raise ducks and pigs. A large tank holds water for the trees and gardens and serves as the water source for the buildings.

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SteffenCentres of Formation and Evangelizing Ministry.
Pastoral Institutes in Oceania and Africa

The origin, development and contribution of pastoral and cultural institutes in Oceania and Africa since 1962 are investigated.

Pastoral Institutes in Oceania and Africa are places of formation and ministry, which developed new models of contextualized ministry approaches for the evangelizing mission of the Church in Oceania and Africa.

This book investigates the origin, development and contribution of pastoral and cultural institutes in Oceania and Africa since 1962, the year the Second Vatican Council started its work and Lumko Institute was opened in a faraway place on the margins of the Catholic Church. English-speaking practical and contextual theology is aware of the work of these institutes, but has not investigated the role such institutes have played in the transition stage of missions becoming local Churches and the role the institutes played in developing new models of formation and community building, Church building and rooting Christian faith in non-Western cultures. This work wants to fill this gap.

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