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Santa rides a sleigh to do his job...
our Divine Word Missionaries in Indonesia ride motorcycles...
Make a Christmas wish come true

"I rode one of the motorbikes a few days ago, and it did not have brakes," Fr. Charles Lanang Ona SVD wrote.  Divine Word Missionaries working in St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Tehemberua, Indonesia, use two motorcycles every day to travel throughout the vast area of the parish.  They must go to 37 villages to celebrate Mass, visit the sick, teach the faith, and help people in need. 


The two motorcycles are worn out and must be replaced so the missionaries can safely continue their pastoral work.  The cost for the motorcycles is $3,435.  Click the donate now button below to help make his Christmas wish come true!

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Damien NEWSLETTER  2014C  Christmas
Bro. Damien
in Thailand


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Divine Word Missionaries help
   provide the most basic of life's
   necessities like drinkable water,
   food and shelter.

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