Our Mission

Bringing Christ’s love, teachings and compassion to all people

When Fr. Arnold Janssen founded Divine Word Missionaries in 1875, his dream was to make Jesus known to every person in every nation.  Our mission, rooted firmly in St. Arnold’s dream, is to carry out Christ’s command to preach the Gospel to all nations through pastoral and sacramental ministry, teaching and working among those in need.

We bring the Word of God to the most underserved and remote areas of the world, working first where the Gospel has yet to be preached and where local Churches are struggling to survive.  We share Christ through service, teaching and caring for the sick and the poor.  We do this through ministries that build and staff schools, hospitals, orphanages and hospices.  We educate for AIDS prevention through centers that care for children and adults living with AIDS.  We teach self-sufficient ways of life through land management, agricultural and ranching programs.  And, most importantly, by sharing the Word of God and celebrating the sacraments, we comfort those in need and bring peace to those in pain. 

Our mission is shared by gracious friends who make our work possible.  The generous support of our friends allows us to continue to share Christ’s love and teachings through humanitarian service in the most distressed and neglected corners of our world. 

Divine Word Missionaries Mission Center
Mission Statement

The Mission Center furthers the missionary work of the Church and the Society of the Divine Word through its

  • Assistance to missionaries around the world
  • Fundraising
  • Mission education and animation
  • Spiritual support to our benefactors

We offer our service and support with enthusiasm, compassion, integrity, responsibility and a spirit of cooperation.


Please click on the photo to download:  "An Account of our Stewardship".

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