Dear Mission Friend,

What a wonderful surprise Jesus is! To those who are lost, sad and without hope, God becomes man and offers each of us brotherhood with Him and everlasting life! Who would have imagined!

The Church asks us to do three things during Lent: fast, pray and give alms. I can’t help you with fasting, but I hope you liked the prayer card from Father Mike’s book to help you focus on your Lenten journey. The giving of alms is just a click of a button!

Please pray for our missionaries this Lent. Although they are often rewarded with great joy, they face many hardships in their work. You will be remembered in our prayers as well, from around the globe and from here in the Mission Center. I wish you the best for a meaningful Lent. May you find a deep connection with Christ as you prepare your heart for his Resurrection. And don’t be afraid to smile. Easter is coming!

Yours in Christ’s name,
Bro. Dan Holman SVD
Mission Director



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