Fr. Paul Nadolny SVD,  Provincial Superior of the Mozambique Mission,  shares a brief history of the blossoming Catholic Church as well as the ministries and "sacramental" mission of Mozambique for Divine Word Missionaries.

Divine Word Missionaries arrived in Mozambique for the first time in 1911–to help replace Jesuits expelled by the Portuguese colonial regime. But neither did our missionary presence manage to plant roots in a political situation hostile to religious activity.  Our confreres, too, were deported back to Portugal in 1917-1918 and were repeatedly denied reentry to the colony. Only in 1997, two years after the new nation declared independence from Portugal did a contingent of our Society manage to re-enter the country at the verge of a civil war.

At present the missionary commitment of our Society in Mozambique unfolds mainly in parishes. We have four communities: two northern ones in the Nacala Diocese and two others in the capital city.

Our preferential dialogue partners are the Catholic faithful whose simple faith at times finds cultural expressions mixed with native ancestral religiosity, whose familial or neighborhood setting is often shared with others of different religious convictions or ecclesial belonging, and whose life situation is marked by poverty and illiteracy.