Saint Felix School

Saint Felix School, Kinshasa, The Democratic Republic of Congo

article by Fr. Fleury Lunimbu, SVD

ATT_1451645220214_IMG_20151222_081249Saint Felix School is one of the schools of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This School is directed by the Society of the Divine Word missionaries, and it is situated in the Suburbs of Kinshasa in the county of Limete at the neighborhood of Mombele. This County is one of the poorest around Kinshasa because of its geographical situation and its swampy soil. That is where Saint Felix school is established in order to contribute into the education of the people living there.

The majority of children attending Saint Felix School comes mainly from poor families. Therefore, that social condition of the people puts the school in a regular difficulty, especially when it comes to paying the school fees for the smooth running of the school and the realization of certain projects because the government does not assist private schools financially and the administration runs the school basically from the school fees.

The school has three sections or departments. The first section is the nursery school for the children between 3 to 5 years old. The second is the primary school section and the third is the secondary or high school section. The high school has 3 options for the students and they have to choose what they want according to what is offered. They have computer science, biology and chemistry; general pedagogy and literature.

IMG_20151030_095019Beyond all the difficulties parents go through in order to pay the school fees, the school has another difficulty related to the lack of class rooms. Sometimes we have classes of more than 70 children just because of a lack of facilities. This becomes a real problem for teachers to care for each student.

Moreover, the school faces also a need in computers for practice, especially for those in computer science. We have only 21 computers for more than 1,000 students in the secondary school and 11 computers for more than 1,900 students who are in the primary school.

Several extracurricular activities are organized inside the school including football, Volleyball, Karate, ... in order to contribute to their full formation.