We work in two rural and five urban parishes.  The rural parishes are Dol Dol (in Kenya) and Simanjiro (in Tanzania).  Though they are miles apart, both are populated by Maasai people, a pastoralist tribe.  Our urban parishes are located in Arusha, Tanzania;  Eldoret, Kenya; and three in Nairobi, Kenya. The people of the urban parishes come from many different tribes, though one group might be predominant in one or the other parish.

In some of these parishes we also manage schools. In others there are boarding dormitories for students. Some parishes also operate dispensaries.  Many of our Divine Word Missionaries are in regular correspondence with benefactors from abroad for student-scholars in dire need of financial support.  We also serve as school chaplains at Materi Girls’ School in the diocese of Meru-Kenya, a boarding school run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.