School With a Difference: An Option for the Poor

Education is a life-changing gift for impoverished children. It offers them hope, opportunity and the promise of generational change. Nabajyoti High School, India

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.” — Malala Yousafzai

What can our goal of $15,000 do?Nabajyoti-High-School-Pallahara-India-1

Nabajyoti High School provides the students:

  • living quarters
  • guided study
  • opportunities to develop talents
  • spiritual nourishment and faith formation

Your gift would help supply these basic needs and more for the school and hostels. Your donation enables these students from impoverished backgrounds live in dignity and be proud of their school.

420+ Students enrolled at Nabajyoti High School

11-16: Average age range of students

100% of Nabajyoti High School students have passed the High School Certificate Examination for 5 consecutive years 

Students continue to progress even after they leave school.
One alumna is training for her doctorate, severalFather-Gerald-Hofstee-SVD-1-1 other alumni are seeking their diplomas in engineering at Instructional Training Institutes. Some have taken up teaching as a career.

The money we raise will directly assist...

  • Renovating Nabajyoti High School’s Science Lab

  • Purchasing educational materials in their native language

  • Stocking the library

Papaji’s Pages was founded to carry on the legacy of Father Gerald Hofstee SVD, who was a Divine Word Missionary in India more than 50 years ago. During his time there, he built two schools for girls, addressing both gender inequality and lack of educational resources in the area. The work of Papaji’s Pages aims to carry on the tradition of bringing education to the next generation of learners.  

Papaji’s Pages is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Papaji's Pages aims to help schools around the world grow their libraries through fundraising and book collection.

Our current goal: $15,000

  • $25 could purchase workbooks for a classroom

  • $50 could supply an entire classroom with materials like pencils

  • $100 could help purchase e-readers for students

  • $150 could help ship fifty pounds of books or other educational materials to India

  • $250 could help stock the school’s science lab