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Bringing Joy and Learning to Children in Need

Papaji’s Pages ™ is a nonprofit organization that strives to bring learning, literacy and books to children at Nabajyoti High School in northern India.

Nabajyoti High School (average ages 11-16), serves mainly those India has categorized as ‘Scheduled Castes’ or ‘Scheduled Tribes’ – historically some of India’s poorest.

Divine Word Missionaries founded Nabajyoti in 2000, and today the school welcomes more than 420 students. The school provides housing for both boys and girls, and along with normal high school studies, special interest studies include environmental issues and science. Over the past five years every single student from Nabajyoti High School has passed the government High School Certificate examination. This is an achievement to be proud of.

Papaji’s Pages ™ wants to bring the joy of learning to children in that all children may have dreams, and reach their dreams

FrJerry1Papaji’s Pages ™ was founded to carry on the legacy of Father Gerald (Papaji) Hofstee SVD, a Divine Word Missionary, and my Great-great Uncle. During his 50 years of service in India, Papaji’s passion for education drove him to build schools for India’s poorest of poor.

To carry on Papaji’s legacy we have connected with Nabajyoti High School, through Divine Word Missionaries. Nabajyoti High School’s immediate needs are to build and stock a FrJerryscience lab, and obtain books in their native language, Odia.  We are asking for your help!

DONATE TODAY!  Your gift will give students the learning materials needed; your contribution will directly help fund the science lab, as well as additional books and materials in their native language.

Your donations are tax-deductible. Together we can make a difference for the students at Nabajyoti High School.  Thank you for your support!

Abigail Bergan

Founder, Papagi’s Pages
and Father Hofstee’s great-great niece


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